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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

entry arrow12:25 AM | Best Filipino Stories: The NVM Gonzalez Awards, 2000-2005

This was one book I'd been looking forward to getting ever since the idea was broached that all the winning stories of the annual NVM Gonzalez Awards would be compiled together in one volume. I did not realize that the book had been out in the market for some time now, until I received news of its launching only a few days back. Dear Janet sent me a copy, which I just got today (thanks, Janet!). This is what its says from the back cover: "Here are seventeen of the best short stories in English over the first six years of the NVM Gonzalez Awards... All of these stories are, says Gregorio C. Brillantes in his splendid Preface, 'astonishingly varied in vision, voice, mode, manner and consummation, ... each a vivid dream sustained by language; every one a shining performance." All are eminently worthy of NVM Gonzalez whom the Awards honor and memorialize because all [stories] 'display,' as Brillantes sas, 'the munificent range of the Filipino imagnation, its manifold secrets, discoveries and conglomeration." The book, edited by Brillantes and Gemino H. Abad, include stories by Menchu Aquino Sarmiento, Alfred Yuson, Charlson Ong, Socorro Villanueva, Rosario Cruz Lucero, Ma. L.M. Fres-Felix, April Timbol Yap, Antonio Hidalgo, H.O. Santos, Janet Baclayon Villa, Ian Rosales Casocot, Angelo Rodriguez Lacuesta, Arvin Mangohig, and Alexis Abola. The anthology is published by the University of the Philippines Press, and should be available in bookstores everywhere.

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