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Thursday, February 07, 2008

entry arrow9:46 PM | The Lower House ... of Hell

Jackie Veloso-Antonio alerted me, through a curious text message, to the orgy in the pigsty last Monday: "Watch ANC, and see how our politicians are making a mockery of themselves," she wrote (and I paraphrase). What else is new? I asked myself -- but quickly remembered, from the snatches I took from the day's headlines, that Jose De Venecia's political career was about to go kaput in Congress sometime that day. And so I watched the televised proceedings, saw the slow motion bloodshed, and found I couldn't feel anything at all: I've always said we deserve the politicians we keep voting into office, and this one is a perfect example of us reaping what we've sown. But it wasn't even De Venecia's fall that made my heart sink. (I mean, if you sleep with wolves, you're bound to get bitten, eh?) It was the horribly tortured language that crept out of our con[gress]men's mouths that made me retch: every time someone went up the podium to air their reasons for their votes, they proceeded to murder the English language with such gusto, and some actually doing it thinking they were Cicero. I wanted to compile the grammatical pile-up, but I had no strength. Good think Sir Butch (Dalisay) had the patience to do that himself. Here's a sampling from his blog... quotable quotes from our bumbling legislators from the Lower House of Hell:

“We should vote to restore the damage which has been badly tarnished as far as the image of this house is concerned.”

“The fruits of our sacrifice is bearing fruit.”

“It is eminent that he will not be speaker in a few hour.”

And my favorite...

“Event has its own time, and time has its own events.” [The entire speech is actually worth the Arnel Salgado Purple Prose Award for Bad Writing.]

Oh, dear God. Who voted for these morons ba?

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