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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

entry arrow6:05 PM | 'American Idol' Just Jumped the Shark*

A boxing face-off to begin the whole thing? Lame. Corny. Utterly baduy.

The only nice thing about the finale was the surprise appearance of Ruben Studdard doing his cover version of "Celebrate Me Home," the lovely replacement song that now serenades kicked-out Idols. I forgot how great this man's vocals was. It still is. Hear this...

But of course, Gaspy will win, forever cementing American Idol's growing reputation of championing ho-hum music and complete irrelevance. (Jordin Sparks and Fantasia Barrino, anyone?) But let's bring out the boxing gloves so to speak, hehehe. Gaspy has great vocals, yes -- but he plain irritates me with his cutesy, which was endearing in the beginning but stomach-churning months later. If he demurely says "This is a pretty song" one more time, I'll get diabetes. Cook, meanwhile, is original, 'nuff said. But alas, Gaspy seems to bring out a Zac Efron vibe, which is totally in sync with the jologs spirit of the thousands of pedophilic gay men, hormonal matronas, and screaming tweeners who keep the whole charade afloat.


* What does that mean ba?

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