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Friday, June 26, 2009

entry arrow12:15 AM | A Darkening of Days

By Anthony L. Kintanar

I really would have liked
To be jaded, old fellow that I am.
Callous, to the point of no return.
To this love that can't be torn from politics.

For I have struggled and floundered.
Spoken and been ostracized,
Protested and truncheoned,
Seen too many slain.

But though tired and sick of it all,
I still can find no blissful apathy,
Even when frustrations over seemingly lost
Causes are now a mountain of refuse.

I still find myself raging
When I see the same old clans
And classes seeking to build their houses
Out of the flesh and bones of the people.

I am still unable to keep to the textbook
And the strictures of academic politeness
When speaking of the poverty of many
Alongside the normalized greed of the few.

I still fear what kind of world my child,
And those of friends, would live in
When we're gone. Whether they would still
See forests, or have a country of their own.

Thus, unable to invoke the wisdom
Of ignorance and the comfort of apathy,
I shall accept that I shall live the damned life
Of one who cannot let the unjust be.

And I shall be the same old me,
An unnamed beast in the oppressors'
Path, seeking to grow in numbers
Till we are a multitude

Haunting their nights,
Darkening their days.

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