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Thursday, May 20, 2010

entry arrow7:40 PM | Workaholic

Talk about following a long day with another long day. Yesterday may have been a grand day at a beach resort in Antulang, but a summer day break it was not. It was to help chaperone the fellows from the National Writers Workshop [a day I spent watching Glee and putting in at least two hours of sleep after a Tuesday night spent drinking in Escaño], which segued to a night spent in the chilly hills of Valencia at the Writers Village [also known as Camp Lookout].

I was asked by Mariekhan Sarte Edding earlier this week [during the premiere of Carmen's film] what keeps me busy. And so, off the top of my head, I started rattling out my list of things to do. It quickly dawned on both of us: how do I manage to do all these things, and still have time to breathe, sleep, and hang out in Escaño? The best answer I can give: love, magic, a good book on hand, Red Bull, and a new personal secretary in the person of Mars. Haha!

Today, after coming down from Valencia, I launched into another long day, doing errands, paying bills, getting a haircut, shopping for groceries for tomorrow's breakfast party, gathering materials for a short tribute to Quentin Doromal in tomorrow's workshop closing ceremonies, and finalizing the roster of performances for tomorrow night's Poetry Jam at Jutsz Cafe with the fellows. I capped it all off with a great foot spa.

There's still the dinner at Kitty's tonight, and the design of a prospective brochure for the new cultural season to submit. This was quite a day. And it's not even over yet.

And so we continue living...


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