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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

entry arrow11:45 AM | Bloody Show, Get Over It

I was reading this breathy, baity piece by Melissa Maerz over at Entertainment Weekly, and I got annoyed.

When I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones years ago, I haven't read the books and like Jon Snow, knew nothing. And then I witnessed Jaime push Bran out of that tower window. I stopped watching, swore never to continue. I couldn't let any television show play me like that, and with such deliberate violence. But friends told me, "Noooo, you have to continue watching! He doesn't die! The story's just like that!"

The story's just like that.

Reluctantly, I returned and have not stopped watching since. I endured the Ned Stark beheading and the Red Wedding and all manner of gruesome deaths, many to beloved characters. And I'm not complaining. Because we signed up for this story. And we decided to watch knowing full well this was the nature of the show. We complain when the show departs too much from the books, and we also complain when it stays too faithful. It's a bewildering popular reaction.

I am going to accept Game of Thrones is a bloody ride, and it will break my heart again and again. I signed up for this shit.

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