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Monday, July 06, 2015

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There are reasons why I prefer cafes as places to go to for work. Yes, I'm one of those people -- and our tribe is increasing. There's coffee readily available, for one thing, and there's reliable wifi. And sometimes, you just want to avoid certain people to keep yourself productive.

But I keep changing my "offices" as a matter of changing taste and circumstances. And right now, the best places for me are these two I've been wanting to keep to myself for sometime now -- but I think it's time to share.

I love the ease of THE ROLLIN' PIN along Katada Street beside OpeƱas. It's not fancy but I like the quiet. The pastries are good, but most of all, I'm constantly craving for their Mediterranean Chicken, a concoction with pesto with the chicken meat somehow tenderised and fried with knowledge of culinary alchemy.

Then there's THE VENUE in Tubod, ostensibly a place for grilled inasal chicken, but really a place where you get the best wraps this side of town made by a bunch of Persians. (My favourite to go with my order of Pecho Pak is the Belliso Barbecue Wrap. It also comes in sisig.) I go there for quiet afternoons where I can truly find myself focused on writing.

People used to drop by certain places in Dumaguete to make sure they can see me. I've since eluded the usual places, but now I guess you know where to find me.

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