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Friday, July 03, 2015

entry arrow7:27 AM | The Purge

It is 2018, and it is the second year of the Great Purge. Sebastian hurries down Hibbard Avenue in the dusk, head down low, careful not to cover the Rainbow Badge on his shirt like he and other people like him have been instructed to do. From somewhere, he hears the tolling of the bells. Real news is scarce these days. All the television channels are showing reruns of old episodes of The 700 Club. But the rumours. There are always rumours. People whisper about the concentration camp being built up north, near Canlaon. "People like you will be herded away soon," someone hissed to him earlier that day. Sebastian trembles. He wonders which among his so-called friends -- or even his family -- will be the ones to call the religious police on him. It doesn't really matter. All he can do now is wait. Under his breath, he curses ever so gently: "Love wins." ‪#‎SpeculativeFictionForTheseTimes‬

I was chatting with someone a few days ago because I was hoping to enlighten him about the institutional abuses gay men and women have endured over the years, and to illustrate the point, I sent him a photo of gay men about to be hanged in Iran for being gay. "But that's not a Christian country," he replied. I should have sent him this picture: Germany in the Second World War, a "Christian" country, and the men with the pink triangles in concentration camps -- a story about the Holocaust you don't hear too often. It can happen again.

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