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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

entry arrow9:32 PM | Dear Distance

I meant to do this earlier, but the events of February just got better hold of me and prevented me from doing everything I needed to do -- especially for friends. This one's for Luis, a very good friend and fellow writer, who needs our help. BUY HIS LATEST BOOK! Click the link! Anvil Publishing just released his first collection of stories since forever -- and with 20 of them in one volume, it's more than a treat, it's a feast from one of the best and most influential [young] writers I know. How influential? I hadn't really started publishing yet when UP Press came out with his magnificent first collection, Happy Endings (2000). The book -- including its now iconic cover -- floored me, and I think it became a template for publishing for many writers of his generation, which included me. His interlinked First Graphics stories mesmerised, and they seemed to hint at a bigger work to come. A novel perhaps? (Luis later on kept promising it would come.) In 2002, I decided to try publishing my first book via an anthology project, and I emailed Luis for the first time to solicit a short story, and also to give me leads to fill out an anthology of the best young fictionists of that time. He responded with such enthusiasm. And that's how I met Sarge Lacuesta, Romina Gonzales, Katrina Tuvera, Paul de Guzman, Andrea Pasion, Indira Endaya, Carolyn S. Hau, Baryon Tensor Posadas, Yvette Tan, Tara FT Sering, Adam David, Sabina Murray, J. Neil C. Garcia, among many others. Like most good people, he connects people. Get well soon, Luis!

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