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Friday, March 30, 2018

entry arrow11:11 PM | Rizal in Negros

I decided to document all the Rizal monuments in Negros Island during this OBT trip. Starting in Dumaguete, going north and counter-clockwise, we've stopped in every town and city along the nautical highway [we omitted the ones inland] and took photos of the Rizal statue there. We discovered that most statues followed a template, although the execution of each one is apparently directly proportional to the wealth of the town or city. Some however are quite dramatic, like the Rizal statue in Cadiz City where the national hero is depicted in the instance of death, with Inang Bayan holding him in the manner of a Pieta. Some towns however -- like Bindoy, Canlaon, Calatrava, and Toboso -- don't seem to have Rizal statues, or have forgotten where they are. I asked one person in Toboso why they don't have a statue, and her answer was: "Kay purdoy man mi." In Escalante, their Rizal monument is located in Baranggay Rizal, 15 kilometers away from the city proper -- an instance of us looking for a needle in a haystack. We're still in Silay right now, on the way to Sipalay next.

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