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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

entry arrow9:28 AM | This Boy Needs a Barber

I was not charmed at all by Brian Harris Krinsky's Dish [2010], a much-praised short film about emo gay kids in a down-and-out Los Angeles neighborhood, dealing with the fact of burgeoning sexuality as they sextext the misadventures of other kids their age. It centers on Israel, a moody 15-year-old with a strange hair fixation who decides to finally lose his virginity after his best friend recounts his latest exploits in bed. What he does (or does not do) in pursuit of that is the film's calculated epiphany, its gamble to make us go oohh-and-ahhh and reflect about such matters as sexuality and technology, the socio-politics of young bodies, the careless nonchalance to stark economic realities that surrounds people of a certain generation. I didn't bite. This film lacks soul. And maybe that's the point, but it did not move me. What can I say, maybe it's the hair.

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