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Saturday, October 08, 2016

entry arrow11:24 PM | Food Roundup Dumaguete 2016: Kiyosuke

I am an accidental foodie: I used to write a food column for a local paper and have written extensively about the Dumaguete food scene for national magazines and newspapers -- until I decided to discontinue the enterprise about four years ago. Still, people I know who visit Dumaguete keep asking me about the best places to go to eat, and I've found I no longer quite know the scene. A lot can change in half a decade. So I've decided to try a new approach this year and go about sampling the local food culture once more and document everything online in the course of twelve months. The city has grown and expanded enough in the years since 2011, and a significant part of what's happening food-wise has become unfamiliar to me. Consider this a personal adventure.

We swung by Kiyosuke a few weeks ago because we heard from some friends about it: how it was small and intimate and how they have traditional Japanese clothes you could put on for photo ops and such. “Yeah, but do they have ramen?” I asked. It turns out they did not, but I was immediately taken by the place nonetheless. It’s not your typical restaurant: it’s just a small two-room thing, an apartment really, its living room fitted out for a three-table affair, with a small adjoining room done up with tatami and low tables. On the walls of both rooms, the proprietors have painted cherry trees in bloom. The effect is, well, kawaii. The menu does not exactly offer a wide variety of choices, but I liked what I ordered: teriyaki and sushi for dinner and korumitsu for dessert, all delicious, all lovingly prepared. The place is a bit off the beaten path, along West Aldecoa Drive right after the highway, and it could be tough to spot, given that it’s situated behind a garage. Its lived-in/DIY feel might not be for some people, but it does grow on you. I am certainly going back for more. We ordered at 7 PM. Order received at 7:20 PM.


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