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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

entry arrow8:00 PM | Wednesday.

A bunch of us friends have this belief that the devil's ears float in the air, always eavesdropping on our articulated good intentions. And so most of the time, when I make concrete plans and resolve to make tomorrow count, something always happens to derail everything, which is why lately I've made a lifestyle of not committing. Went to bed early last night with a glorious plan to get enough sleep -- this from an insomniac -- and to make this Wednesday matter. Woke up seven hours later with the driest of throats, a harbinger of colds festering. (Where dafuq did I get this virus from? I've made myself a hermit the past three weeks.) Fighting the whole thing with Neozep, liquids, naps, green tea, calamansi, Berocca, and virgin sacrifices. Even then, I made my self plow through my calendar for the day: endless chores through the heat of late morning, a chance consultation with a student I've failed (who cried in front of me, oh dear god), and then a luncheon meeting. Ended it by catching the 3 PM screening of Doctor Strange, which is not as dazzling as the reviews make it to be, but it was a fair enough an okay origins story, and it very much satisfied. I had to fight my Neozep-induced drowsiness throughout the movie, which means that I will have to watch this again over the weekend to enjoy it better. An observation: why do most audiences leave the theater before the credits roll? Don't they know this is a Marvel movie? (There were two post-credits sequences, if you must know.) 


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