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Thursday, June 30, 2022

entry arrow11:45 PM | Don't Fret, Let Things Flow

At the very beginning of this month, just as I was about to embark on the planning and execution of all the events related to Pride Month, I was seized by so much doubt and fear. For all my years of doing events and cultural shows in Dumaguete, I realized that the pandemic had extracted a terrible cost: it made me forget the instincts and the muscle memory I used to rely on when I went about organizing things. I didn’t know what to do anymore, and I panicked. For our first event, which was a screening of films by Jay Altarejos, I was so panicked about logistics that I found myself gasping for air. Mugna Gallery’s Vince Lopez noticed it, and told me: “Don’t surrender to the fear. Worry and work, but don’t fret. Let things flow.” And the event was a success! It took me a while to grasp his advice though. But for the rest of the month, despite all the obstacles and challenges [and occasional skirmishes with people], I relied on Vince’s advice. Don’t fret. Let things flow.

Part of my reprieve was finally allowing myself to think of all the events as experiments in post-pandemic behavior. Let’s see if people are ready to mingle and to partake of events despite pandemic fears. Let’s see if people will come on their own accord, without having to be urged by a teacher requiring classes to attend such and such [hahaha]. Let’s see if people are willing to go to not-so-accessible venues for an activity. Let’s see if people will care. Let’s see if an intimate set-up, following COVID-19 protocols, is enough to conjure magic. Among other things. I’ve been pleasantly surprised again and again by how things turned out. We even had devoted attendees who tried to go to all events, and some of them even turned out to be tourists in Dumaguete! It was amazing.

So, don’t fret. Let things flow.

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