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Tuesday, December 06, 2022

entry arrow8:52 PM | 6 Hands Dinner!

There’s this dining event that happened tonight. It’s a pilot event called 6 HANDS DINING, a collaboration between the chefs of three of the finest restaurants in Dumaguete — Unknwn Kitchn [Matt Villamil], Adamo [Edison Monte de Ramos Manuel], and the soon-to-open Apas [Keith Fresnido] — coming together “to promote sustainable dining using locally sourced produce.” They aim to celebrate the homegrown food scene, and local farmers, fishermen, and craftsmen with “creative minds, hearts, and tastebuds.”

Dinner commences! First up is Adamo’s Edison Manuel with his marinared marlin with sushi rice.

Second course is Unknwn Kitchn’s Matt Villamil with his roast pork on pumpkin purée with mushrooms and garlic confit, and salmon with caviar on pea purée.

Third course is Apas’ Keith Fresnido with his earthy dish of pastrami and steak, with fermented onions and shimeji mushrooms.

And finally for dessert, we have Ghremy Buenavista with her walnut brownie with a layer of mocha cream and topped with espresso and mascarpone ganache.

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