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Friday, March 03, 2023

entry arrow7:00 AM | The Belltower Project at Ten

The Belltower Project’s debut album was released on 2 March 2013. They are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year! And Dumaguete is grateful to have this community of music artists continue to refine locally produced sound. Dumaguete popular music has forever been changed because of BTP, a unique project that sought to define the Dumaguete sound with its anthology albums gathering the best original music by local singers, instrumentalists, and composers. That it has managed to do that for many years astounds me, this commitment to map out with diligence our contemporary varieties of songs. But what astounds me more is the fact that it fostered a community of musicians, each one helping the other in building audiences, and each one inspiring the other to push the envelope further in developing the Dumaguete soundscape. I have been a fan since Uno. Will be a fan of Dyes and forever. I have all their albums! And I plan to take a nostalgia trip through each song. [You can find all five albums on Spotify!]

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