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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

entry arrow1:44 PM | Fox You!

Fair and balanced reporting? Hehehehe. I don't think so. Here's how one Fox News anchor flipped when her guest "dangerously" suggested that the too-elaborate Bush inaugural was a disgrace, in view of the dangers the U.S. soldiers now face in Iraq.

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I don't get it when people prefer Fox News to CNN. I don't get it when they say the reporting is better. True, CNN is often bland and serious, but that's proper, no-frills journalism. Objectivity often is bland and serious. Fox, on the other hand, reminds me of those freaky but extremely readable tabloids, all jazzed up and speaking in friendly soundbytes. No substance there, however (the right-wing content is also a pain in the ass); it is, however, more interesting to watch. Then again, we all have that instinct to be fascinated by train wrecks naman.

(My good friend Jose Lesh works as a producer for Fox & Friends, their morning show. Good luck, Lesh...)

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