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Monday, February 21, 2005

entry arrow10:30 AM | Here's the Call

I'm tired of complaining that things do not happen in Dumaguete. There's a famous witticism about journalism that goes, "If a tree falls in the forest, and nobody was there to report it, did the tree really fall?"


I think it must be the same about life in general. If you complain too much about how things around you disappoint, and yet you do nothing to rectify anything, are you really just putting your foot where your mouth is?

So, in the next months, I will report on things that do happen in this city. There are exhibits and an art festival that are mushrooming all over. Joey Ayala came over for the weekend and gave us a night to remember. And a British actress is coming to town soon, courtesy of the good folks at the British Council, to give us a one-woman act about a 100-year old circus performer narrating her myriad lives while performing the trapeze. (That I gotta see.) Perhaps reporting on such will awaken people to the fact that they indeed have something to crow about living in the perfect doldrums we call our town.

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