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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

entry arrow11:19 AM | Speling. Spilling. Speleng. Espeling. No, no, no. Spelling. There you go.

Steve Hendrix is a reporter for The Washington Post, and he can't spell.

Let's take one example: itinerary.

Iteneriary is one of the dozens of words that bring me to a complete standstill. I can be typing along at a brisk pace when my brain feeds a word like itenirary down to my flying fingers, and they freeze over the keyboard like mummified buzzard claws.

Itinerary. I-T ... E? ... I? Pretty sure it's I. N is easy. Another E? or is it A? ... R ... Two Rs? A? A-R-Y. Itinerrary.

I once spell-checked a 2,000-word article I had written for the Post's Travel section and found I had spelled itinerary four ways, none of them correctly.

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