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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

entry arrow7:23 AM | Ritmo sa Ritwal

Once upon a time, I had illusions of becoming a film director. I was into films, and still am -- although largely in the capacity of a critic. (Which may prove the truism: critics are frustrated wannabes.) In college, I made this short film titled Trahedya sa Kabila ng Liwanag, a melodramatic tearjerker about two brothers and the dangers of drug abuse -- which was unfortunately the script assigned to us by our professor who was also teaching the scriptwriting class. We shot that film on video in two weeks, and came out of it delighted over coming into pure encounter with the cinematic elements, which were mostly abstract concepts we argued over or admired in our favorite films, until then. My chief cinematographer for that film was my college kabarkada and fellow Midnight Society member Clee Andro Villasor, who went on to do graphic and web design and photography in Cebu. (He did the design for my LJ a few years back -- but the impact of the design is better appreciated in Explorer.) About two year ago, he texted me, suggesting that we go back to filmmaking again. I told him I felt it in my bones that the boat had sailed for me, and that creative writing for me was it. Today Clee has directed his first documentary titled Ritmo sa Ritwal, which is about the Sinulog in Cebu, and this is the DVD...

Shows you how far one could go when you set your heart to it. Congratulations, Clee!

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