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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

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Last night, I got scared -- terrified -- by my work backlog. It loomed above me like a terrifying monster -- and it's about to swallow me whole. So here's a little resolution to start my February (it's February already?): 1. Stop watching DVDs for a while, and Goddamn it, stop buying them as well. 2. Better yet, turn off the goddamn television. 3. Tell yourself, "Bullshit," everytime you rationalize something like, "Well, I could always wake up early tomorrow to do this." Because you know you can't. 4. Map out what you need to do and prioritize, and zealously do everything one by one.

I used to be very O.C. with regards keeping a tight schedule. Now, I don't know how I learned to take everything easy. (Too easy, in fact.) It's freaking out my innate sense of order. I'm putting a stop to this, and if I get the label "workaholic" any time soon, I'll take it with a sense of pride this time around. Because, really, if you don't do your all for your responsibilities, and if you don't succeed to do your jobs on time, your name is basically fucked.

I'll still blog, of course. Blogging keeps me sane. Also this: without me blogging regularly, nobody will ever know whether I'm still alive under that avalanche of lists of things-to-do.

So now I'm off to keep a dinner engagement at Esther Windler's, with Mark. Who says being a workaholic stops you from being sociable?


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