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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

entry arrow12:43 PM | Define Stupidity

Gotta blog about this. This is the second time this maddening peculiarity of academic life happens to me. This time, though, I'm no longer so amused. See, we're almost at the tail-end of final exams week here in Silliman University, and I'm calculating the grades of my graduating students, most of whom wish to march in their togas this coming Sunday. One of them, a student in my Philippine literature class who has a history of off-hand machismo and devil-may-care attitude, handed in just now a very late take-home exam -- which I really shouldn't be accepting anymore, but still... I have delusions of being an understanding teacher. Ehe.

The whole thing smacked of plagiarism.

What's worse: his answer to the second question in the exam, which dealt with the Filipino novel in English, was a shameless cut-and-paste job straight from the Internet.

Unfortunately for him, the original article was written by me.

I mean, how stupid is that? You're going to plagiarize a paper written by your own teacher? And so the misery of grading week continues...

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