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Sunday, March 25, 2007

entry arrow9:30 PM | From Arrogant, Provincial Prick...

... to Anonymous.

Thank you. Bow.

But to put things into perspective, I've been asking people around me who've known me for the longest time: "Why am I ranting a lot these days? Why?" Because, really, I never rant. I've been accused before (by Mark, of all people) of being too nice to a fault. So why all the rants, now? I have no idea. When I ranted before, it was always about inept local politicians, but that's nothing remarkable. I have some theories: (1) it's my no-carb diet taking a toll on my faculties, or (2) that "momster" issue a few weeks back unleashed something in me that could no longer be suppressed. I bitched, and got results. I bitched, and saw that I was capable pala of bitching.

Tell me...

What should I do about my current tendency to bitch?
Tone it down a little.
Bitch even harder.
Who cares.
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UPDATE: By the way, if anyone plans to open the comment link below, be prepared to encounter the worst kind of vitriol ever unleashed in The Spy in the Sandwich. "Anonymous" invited me to a highly creative [at least language-wise] sassy ride this side of bitchiness. He/she was content with almost monosyllabic putdowns -- a 5th grader can do better. I, on the other hand, channeled Robin Williams with his delicious insult-fest from Hook, and unleashed something nobody has ever seen me do: sass like there's no tomorrow. It's fun and quite liberating. Everybody should try it sometimes. So be warned.

But seriously, how psychotic are these fans of a certain blog? And why do they maintain I'm "inggit" daw? Because if I am, I'd be rabid over all five. But I'm not. I actually like the other finalists, and most of the finalists in the other categories, who all deserve the acclaim they are getting. And was I even nominated in the first place? I don't think so. While I got wind of the whole PBA thing from friends' blogs, I could only manage to look it up once the list of finalists was put up -- and then I recognized something I blogged about months before, and couldn't believe my eyes. Must everybody be critique-free in blogosphere? Did I break some blogging brotherhood/sisterhood code I didn't know about? {"Thou shalt not criticize the content of another blog.") Is it wrong to ask for a better personal blogging standard, whatever that means -- and to put someone under critical consideration, someone who has herself admitted to being "shallow"? The bottom line is, it's your right to enjoy her, and my right not to. That doesn't give anyone a right to shut me up at all. If you want to debate with me, debate on acceptable, reasonable terms based on points I've made that you've disagreed with. Don't be a palengkera and go off-tangent just to hurl an unearned insult. ("You look like a tadpole." Duh. That was supposed to hurt? It's sooo Grade 3. Yaks.)

But enough already. It's not the end of the world. Let's move on to worthier topics...

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