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Friday, March 23, 2007

entry arrow10:02 AM | The Last Word on Kris Aquino

A few weeks ago, in the wake of the James Yap-Hope Centeno sex scandal, I wrote about the widespread fascination for Kris Aquino, but never did take sides. (Trust me, there are camps in blogosphere and beyond: one camp that is truly devoted, and another that is truly vitriolic in their dislike.) Last weekend proved to be the last straw upon my fragile neutrality, however. I remember an ABS-CBN show (was it The Buzz?) giving an "exclusive" on the Kris Aquino situation, showing a segment where a camera crew visited the convalescing talk show host in her hospital bed, where she waxed all martyr-like but welcoming as she recounted her strict diet, how her unborn baby had yet to gain the necessary weight, everything. I was riveted. But it slowly dawned on me: to what lengths will this media monster go to to cannibalize her life para lang may pansin mileage? Didn't she willingly "disappear" from the local TV scene to "concentrate" on her marriage and her "failing" health, away from the spotlight and the stress of TV cameras? What was she doing inviting the whole world into her hospitable bed, when all she could have hoped for was for everything to just fade away?

Why do we even bother to watch this pornography of attention-deficiency, even when we all willingly acknowledge that her life is our current favorite soap opera? Should we let her continue to manipulate us with her endless tales of woes and what-not?

Frankly, I have enough. I boycott Kris Aquino -- and all products she endorses -- from now on. I will not watch any of her TV shows, and I will not read anything about her anymore. (Who's with me?) Hell, I won't even vote for Noynoy, just because. She's a sad, sad, pathetic woman who can no longer recognize plain sanity -- or blogs, for that matter, hehehe. ("What's a blog? Do we need a password to access that?")

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