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Sunday, October 07, 2007

entry arrow10:51 AM | Mark Has Decided to Become a Buddhist

Why? Because he just saw a video of the infamous Marguerite Perrin from Fox's Trading Spouses reality show -- that scary bitch who is otherwise known as the God Warrior. Yeah, right. (See how she sold out to the "dark side" though.)

I am a Christian, a lapsed Protestant, and I would like to make a stand about the difference between my personal faith and that of a fundamentalist's. I come from a fundamentalist background -- that veritable holier-than-thou breeding ground of righteous vipers -- and God knows the Perrin example can be the real deal for many people I once knew in church. (I remember an incident a long time ago when my soon-to-be sister-in-law Efeb joined my family in church-going, and someone in our old church went to "lay her hands" over her, to pray for her "as a sinner," and then went on to claim that she saw a frog jump out of Efeb's mouth. Frogs, if you must know Christian symbolism, represent greed, particularly for money. When Efeb -- who is one of the sweetest and most generous person I know -- was told that, she was totally offended and disgusted, and never came back with us for church ever. I don't blame her. Many years later, I, too, bowed out, and so did many of my brothers. Christians call us "backsliders." Care ko.)

This is the video...

... and feel the fundamentalist Christian's love for the world.

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