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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

entry arrow3:13 PM | Naked Boys Singing for Christmas!

There's nothing like gratuitous nudity to bring in the holiday spirit. Really. To start off, last night's noche buena was great as usual -- my mom bought a nice, crispy lechon straight from three towns away (there were no more roasted pigs to be had anywhere inside the city) -- but it was great that most of the family was there, mostly because this may be mom's last Christmas with us before she leaves for the U.S. Went home before the firecrackers cracked at midnight, and went straight to finishing my holiday cleaning. (It's a personal tradition.) Went to bed around 4 a.m., and woke up around noon, to find out that my torrent of Robert Schrock's musical revue, Naked Boys Singing!, has just finished downloading. Loved the bit with the song "Perky Little Porn Star" because the porn star comes from Skokie, Illinois, where my best buddy Tedo lives. You want a sample, don't you. Then see this PG-rated YouTube video of "The Naked Maid" here. What can I say, it gives new meaning to Christmas cheer.

Merry Christmas! (And go sing in the buff, if you want.)

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