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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

entry arrow9:06 PM | Poetry and Pictures

The poet Marne Kilates has a new poetry blog-zine, Poet's Picture Book. He writes about his mission:

One thing I like about poetry in blogging is that the blogger (whom I assume to be a poet when he insists on putting poems in his blog) is compelled to search for images or pictures to accompany his poems. Compelled because that is the nature of the medium or venue (which one is it?)—it is a visual one. Even a poem in a blog must be treated visually. The web log or online journal is not a simple diary (written and hidden in a drawer), it is a letter to oneself that other people read instantaneously. The computer and/or Internet are/is firstly visual, thus meant to be seen. It is the illegitimate son of television but who is so talented that he is taking over the family business. Most of us Net users are even still a bit confused about what it is. Is it a medium or a venue? Is it a framed canvas, a cathode ray tube, a plasma LCD panel… or is it the keyboard and all those 'peripherals' too, that we use to manipulate it? It is a TV screen and yet we can control what we want to see or put in it. It is a writing pad as well as a typewriter and yet it 'publishes' and distributes what we write immediately. It is both a 'thing' and a 'place.' One creates a blog and another visits it. Author is also publisher, but also printing press and bookstore. Movie studio is movie house also. And so we are forever creating and entering the worlds we create—poems, novels, movies. The Imagined Reader has become, is also, the Imaginative Writer. The medium is no longer just McLuhan’s message, it is also the venue. Visit my book. Read my house. They’re all in my site. Sight. Kitakits!

And he wants your contribution. Read about it here.

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