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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

entry arrow2:54 PM | Never Buy a Korean Car

We -- Mark and I -- went to my hometown of Bayawan over the weekend, to act as judges (together with lawyer Myrish Cadapan-Antonio and former Miss Silliman Stacy Alcantara) in their annual search for Miss Bayawan. My Vegan Prince has the story (and my pictures as well). What he doesn't tell you though is the saga of our very eventful ride to and from the southernmost city of Negros Oriental. Did I say saga? Let's just call it our purgatorial ride. See, we could have taken the Pajero, but opted instead for the Hyundai Accent -- bad choice. For each leg of the trip, we had to stop every 20 kilometers or so, because the car kept overheating, and we had to knock on every door throughout the Negrense countryside to ask for water, which the car guzzled just like that, 15 liters for every stop. It was the longest road trip in our lives. On the way back home, it rained hard, one of the car windows would not close, and we still had to make a couple of stops to quench the thirsty car -- in the middle of the rain. "Someday, we will laugh at all these," I told poor Mark, who was driving. "Yeah?" he said. "Well, I'm not laughing now."


But today, three days later, we snickered a little. Just a little. Moral lesson: take the Pajero for long trips. Insight: Filipinos may be the most hospitable and helpful people in the world. Every house we called on for help did not hesitate to give us all the aid we needed. It was a humbling experience. I will never forget all those people on the road.

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