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Thursday, September 11, 2008

entry arrow10:40 AM | Pausing in the Middle of a Busy Week

I tell you, nothing kills an urge to blog frequently than a friend or an acquaintance telling you out of the blue, "Hey, I read your blog." I always find myself struggling to reply, and all I can say in return is a genuinely puzzled "But why?" The friend or acquaintance usually laughs back -- but my brain will now be in paranoid overdrive, hoping I have not written anything particularly offensive, and what-not.

I've been getting a lot of these lately, and now I always find myself in edit-mode. Thus the conspicuous lack of personal posts in the past few days (weeks even!). I make do with an avalanche of announcements for this event or that. Fillers for good causes naman. You can also safely surmise from the latter that I've been quite busy with all these things. And I thought August was hard. September pala is the new name for nightmare. But of the very welcome sort. I'd rather be busy than be bored out of my wits. There's already enough boredom to go around with, and bored people to deal with. Me, I just hope to fill my days and find enough time to read a book and get a nice massage at the end of the day.


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