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Monday, September 29, 2008

entry arrow5:27 PM | Surfer Dude Tutoring English

I'm in Cafe Noriter trying to do some work. But there's this surfer-dude-speaking doofus of a Spanish mestizo -- very burly and quite the chatterbox -- in the next table tutoring this hapless Korean girl some conversational English. I don't know if he's doing his tutoring correctly: right now, he's doing a self-centered monologue about his gym workout, like, "Last summer, I was going to the gym twice a day... These things need, you know, dedication... 'Dedication'? You know that word? Here let me spell it for you... But anyway, I had to diet at the same time, and when I saw my friends eating cake... cake? you know what cake is, don't you? ... anyway, I had to say no. I wanna be healthy. Priorities, you know..." And on and on and on...

Nasusuka ako. I just want to go over to where he is and punch him in the face.

But of course I don't do that. He's way bigger than I am.

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