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Saturday, November 29, 2008

entry arrow1:25 PM | Mother, After the Fall

My best friend rushed me to the hospital the other week in the middle of a dinner party after I got a frantic-sounding text message from my cousin: my mother was in the emergency room of the university hospital. "There was an accident," the message read. Those dreaded words you always hope you will never get -- but there they were, as clear as the backlight of my cellphone. We rushed.

She looked ravaged, but seemed all right. There were bruises on her face. She was lying on a gurney, ready to be taken to her private room. "What happened?" I asked my older brothers.

"She was going around the city with Dory," Rocky said. "They were carrying baskets of fruit. They were going down the steps -- and she missed one. She fell hard."

Mother is old. Anybody knows that any sort of falling is dangerous for old women. Her hips! "What did the doctor say?" I asked.

"She's had her x-ray. We're keeping her here overnight, for observation," he said.

But mother was suddenly in high spirits. For a bruised woman, she looked suddenly fine. She was all about telling us what happened to her -- but could not exactly remember the details. "All I remember was, there was blood on my face," she said. "And people were looking at me."

"Why'd you have to go around carrying baskets of fruits?"

"I was bored. I wanted grapes."

I looked down the floor, and saw her footwear. "Ma, why are you wearing high heels?"

"I hate flats. I can't walk in them."

Mother, 76 years old, refuses to give up her high heels. At her age!

She's fine now. The other day, she saw Quantum of Solace with my cousin -- and hated it. "Why were they fighting over water?" she said, and then wistfully: "I loved Sean Connery. There was no one like Sean Connery. This new guy is ugly."

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