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Thursday, May 21, 2009

entry arrow9:24 PM | Getting the Message

By Vincenz Serrano

In the morning Ada sends Roy a note
by cellphone. It arrives only at dinnertime.
Where do all the words stay all day?
And it isn’t just Ada who complains:
Prixie too, and Bj. They get home before
their words do. Words go everywhere:

I’m coming over wait for me perches
on the shoulders of a cashier counting
change, hahaha nice joke sticks between
the lettuce and tomato of an Aloha Burger,
I love you drive safely floats on the sewers
and spills out into the sea. No one knows

exactly where these texts are, the way no one
sees mayas go to die. A message may linger
in air like a flying kiss, then the wind blows
it back to one’s face. A kiss is complete
only in another’s mouth and tongue, like how
a writer needs a listener for the words

to be whole, like when the mad talk
to themselves and set speech adrift in air
only to drown in the loneliness of no one
listening. Yet Ada’s message arrives.
Roy shows it to her, the words laid out
in the little coffin of the cellphone.

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