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Friday, October 10, 2014

entry arrow10:46 PM | Devil May Care

What a disappointment this film was after such an intriguing premise. Alexandre Aja's Horns (2013) centres on a hounded young man (played, with surprising dedication, by Daniel Radcliffe) who is hated by his entire town -- a slice of Eden that is lazy foil for the hellish undertows of its population -- for allegedly murdering his longtime girlfriend. He grows weary from the endless persecution while awaiting trial, and then slowly widens up to the idea that everyone he knows -- even his family -- really sees him as the Devil. So one day he wakes up, and finds that he has sprouted a pair of devilish horns, and that suddenly snakes seem to take him like some grandmaster. Stranger still, this new appendages seem to affect people he meets with by making them own up, without much prodding, to their darkest desires. The delicious implications of this is the best part of the movie, but of course the story has to go on and solve the murder-mystery central to it. It does this in the most cliched, uninspired fashion, and with such a relentless overuse of flashbacks, that after a while you just do not really care at all about what happens next. This is proof once again that execution trumps story any time. #HalloweenMovieMarathon2014

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