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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

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Prof. Gloria Macabagting was very good at paraphrasing. Once her graduate class settled down, she’d tell everyone to gather near her around the small conference table, and to bring out their copies of their assigned reading for that session. Then she’d proceed to read every single line written in the photocopied handout, stopping every three sentences or so to paraphrase what she had read so far in the name of explication; and then paraphrase the same passage once more, but in a different way; and finally—to make sure everyone was on the same page as her in their quest for a deep, profound knowledge of their area of specialization—would paraphrase the same passage one last time, like so:

Henny Penny is a hen.

It is said that Henny Penny is a female chicken.

The fowl that is Henny Penny is the female variety of the chicken class.

End of discussion.

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