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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

entry arrow8:57 PM | Even a Little.

I like how it is when the world comes crashing in, or makes itself felt like a sudden awakening, just right after you decide — like a beautiful surrender — it is better to let go than it is to live in that space in your head that’s dank and does not see much sun, content only with playing possum to cobwebs and the empty nests of birds now gone.

Do you see how it is the sun that you first behold when you open your eyes? It setting beyond blue mountains was what I saw this late afternoon; but let’s allow, for everyone else, even a sunrise, that sweet cliche. Or if it is neither, just a tenderness of sunshine that becomes second skin. The blanket of night does that, too. Here you see pinpricks of light in the sky that allow you to understand there are bigger things than you swimming in the mysterious cosmos — but you are one with it, the way Carl Sagan once reminded us that we were all born in the ovens of birthing stars.

I like to think it is God in His infinite wisdom murmuring spells to let you see there are infinite things in this world that can be perceived more than you allow yourself to see: that puff of distant cloud means rain on parched earth, that burst of yellow in a flower is invitation for the beleaguered bees*, that gentle air you feel against your skin carries the promise you can breathe again, indeed, if you allow yourself to live even a little.

Photo by Denniz Futalan

(*That's not a bee. That's a fly.)

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