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Wednesday, March 04, 2020

entry arrow9:16 PM | The Limits of Bad Politics

I'm reading this article in Variety where has-been actor Antonio Sabato Jr. vents about how supporting Donald Trump in 2016 "ended his acting career." While that may seem "unfair" on face value, I'm also thinking this: one's choice of politics is an endorsement of personal values. Who would want to work with someone clearly on the side or racism, misogyny, and corruption?

Truth to tell, I made a similar choice of passive resistance about two weeks ago. It was a moral quandary: can I continue to work with someone who is clearly supportive of a murderous regime? I happen to love this someone as a friend very, very much, and I've turned a blind eye to his politics since 2016 because we've always worked well together. But there comes a point in one's moral life where you have to make a choice. The photos came two weeks ago, and my heart sank and it never resurfaced. I still love this guy, but I think we need to talk.

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