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Saturday, March 19, 2011

entry arrow2:00 PM | Fake Criterions Fail

I used to like Fake Criterions. (Well, I still do, but to a lesser degree now.) It gave classy, brilliantly-conceived DVD cover designs to really, really bad films -- which was the point. It was parody of the highest order. It also gave a strong statement about the role of design in the ordering of our lives. This is one of my favorites, for example:

Now, the designs -- mostly culled from the flimsy Photoshop skills of many of its Tumblr followers -- are just as bad as the films themselves, like this one:

The bite of the parody is greatly diminished. So what's the point?

[For the uninitiated, the real Criterion Collection is a premium film brand that chooses titles from a wide-range of great world cinema and puts out excellently restored editions in DVD and Blue-ray, complete with features and a mini-booklet that would make a true cineaste's heart go on overdrive.]

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