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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

entry arrow7:21 AM | Purpose in the Time of Coronavirus

In this Lifehacker article detailing how astronauts cope with extreme isolation in space for months on end, one tidbit stood out for me: find your purpose.

This has been gnawing at me since the very beginning of the lockdown. I have friends who have gone out there doing donation drives, making PPEs, doing art tutorials live, et cetera, while I struggled with my own monstrous anxieties magnified by the quarantine. And then it hit me yesterday: all I could really do is use whatever talent I have to try to help people.

I have two:

[1] I write, and [2] my Facebook has always been a kind of community bulletin board for Dumaguete.

So that's what I'm going to do. I will write stories, and I will write down my observations about what's happening in the community. [This is thanks to the suggestion of former Silliman University President Ben S. Malayang III.] And I will highlight the efforts of people I know who are doing what they can to foster a bayanihan spirit in these times. It will be my small contribution to our ravaged, beautiful world.

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