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This is the blog of Ian Rosales Casocot. Filipino writer. Sometime academic. Former backpacker. Twink bait. Hamster lover.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

entry arrow5:50 PM | Asking for Help

Really considered stopping the whole business of creative writing at the tail end of last year. Not because I stopped believing in myself, but more so because I felt my mental condition would just spoil whatever increment of success I might make in my efforts. [Plus, I could not write after I went off meds. It was difficult just even considering a paragraph. Or a Facebook post. You must have noticed I wasn’t on Facebook for months!] I was my own worst enemy and saboteur — still am, actually. But right now I’m trying to fight again, and right now I’ve at least learned to ask for help. Part of what made The Great Little Hunter the success that it is was me surrendering the nitty-gritty of its publication process to my S.O. because I knew I could not handle whatever it took to make it a reality. I owe him so much.

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