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Sunday, June 19, 2022

entry arrow2:19 PM | Dean Francis Alfar's 'Short Time' for 6200 Pride

PINK THEATRE presents a staged reading of Short Time, a Palanca-winning play by Dean Francis Alfar about friendship, marriage, and forbidden passion. Directed by Dessa Quesada-Palm, featuring Nikki Cimafranca, Rojan Bungcasan Talita, Jo Camille, and Mellard Chiong Manogura of Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts [YATTA]. Also streaming at 6200Pride!

The past week was incredibly heavy for me, perhaps a bit of a side effect of the second booster shot I had on Monday. Was sick, on and off. There was also a socials thing earlier in the week that drained all of me. And there was also the fact that it took me five — five — days total to download all the video files I needed to have to edit the Pink Theatre video I just uploaded.

Talk about frustrating: the worst wait was for a 6 GB file to download, and it kept encountering errors. The video editing itself, which I thought would be a nightmare [e.g., we didn’t get the venue we needed because of unavoidable circumstances, and had to make do with taping in Dessa’s house which had occasional sound disturbances (tricycles, planes, dogs, etc.)], only took a total of one day to do, so that was a surprise. Lesson relearned: it’s all about perseverance, even when the going gets tough. But I do think I deserve a massage.

Thank you, Dessa, Mellard, Nikki, Rojan, Jo Camille, Renz, Benji, and Renz for all your help and contribution to this project. And thank you, Dean, for allowing us to do your play!

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