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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

entry arrow3:34 PM | The Pupu is Back on the Platter

After months of almost unbearable silence, Ari Ngaseo is back with more historical goodies in Pupuplatter!

(And no, it's not a slasher blog about Nazi babies.) The thing about Pupuplatter that I love the most is that it may be the most intelligent blog in the world that tackles -- not the mundance topics of one's everyday life (read: my blog) -- but, get ready for this, Philippine history and culture. And Ari does it so well, that the whole effort often verges on the sexy. Brain-sexy. My favorite Philippine history teacher in college was Earl Jude Cleope who knew how to spin an absorbing tale. His lectures were never dry takes on the exasperating minutae of Philippine history, but were almost like gossip about people we knew. He made Lapu-lapu and Magellan and Rizal and Aquino stand out like they were still alive, like they were as breathless as our voyeuristic concern over Brad and Angelina. (I am thus forever grateful to Mr. Cleope for this, for making me become extraordinarily fascinated with history.) It is the same with Ari's blog. You get pulled in by the passion he has for history and Philippine social life. Thanks, Ari, for your blog, and welcome back. Your return is highly appreciated.

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