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Monday, December 12, 2005

entry arrow3:08 AM | Some Manila Highlights

I finally got around to uploading the pictures I took from Manila. (Yes, Ginny.) Of course, I will be writing more about the UBOD book launch and the Writers Night in a day or so, but until then, here are some pictures...

With a shorter-haired Mikael Co, Kit Kwe, Anna Sanchez, Ken Ishikawa, and Ginny Mata after the book launch at the CCP Main Lobby

With Alfonso Dacanay, Luis Joaquin Katigbak, and Astrid Tobias during Writers Night at the Hardin ng mga Diwata in U.P. Diliman

I look ... uhm, very abundant. Damn. More pictures in my Buzznet account.

And here are some more...

Pictures from the Siglo: Passion and Philippine Speculative Fiction launches in Dean's blog. More pictures from Writers Night in Ginny's blog, and in Kit's phlog. A good group picture from the UBOD launch and some good ones from Dean's event in Alfonso's blog. I wish I had pictures from Rica Bolipata Santos's book launch. Even then, can you say book-launch crazy December?

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