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Monday, December 05, 2005

entry arrow4:29 PM | Why You Won't Be Hearing From Me For Three Days

It has been a long day. Woke up too early, at 3 a.m., because I was worried about my meeting in Manila, and I still had no idea how to get funding for the trip. A trip to Manila is always a wallet-breaking affair. I couldn't sleep. Buti na lang, by the time the sun came up, the Vice President for Academic Affairs of Silliman University texted me that I should go -- and it was through her office that I finally got the much-needed moolah. I hurriedly made a proposal letter addressed to the VP, then dashed off to an intimate breakfast party of three at Chicco's with birthday girl Marge Udarbe and Bing Valbuena, then went back home around nine o'clock, then canvassed through the yellow pages and came up with a budget for air fare and accommodations, then printed the whole thing out, then met with the VP for approval of the budget, then rushed to Silliman's Business and Finance Office, then followed the complex paper trail there, and then finally, when I came out for air around lunchtime, I had a check in my hand. I rushed to the bank -- and managed to cash the check before noon was over. The moral of the story: be friends with even the shyest of secretaries in any bureaucracy, because you can always count on them to help you out, nicely, in times of great hurry. I'm proud of these women at the VPAA Office and the B/F: they are the most helpful lot.

So: I'm finally leaving for Manila very early tomorrow morning, for that important meeting, for the UBOD book launching at the CCP, and hopefully for Writers Night in U.P. the following day. It's work and fun combined -- and I really feel the need to have this brief break from Dumaguete life. Good news, too: I'll finally be able to get hold of my P5,000 gift certificate from National Bookstore. Can you say book shopping spree?

Wish me bon voyage. And for my Manila writer-friends, see you very soon.

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