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Friday, July 07, 2006

entry arrow9:55 PM | A Short Note to Piranhas

I am not under any obligation to make you or anybody happy, but if you are seriously offended because your sensibilities are so refined, I can take that into consideration and perhaps even do something to make your discomfort bearable. God knows, I must ask for your forgiveness that you had to stumble into my blog and witness my wanton displays of selfishness, my bottomless greed for awards... (Palanca here I come! You're mine, Fully Booked! I am after you, Free Press!) I can only wish that you know who I am first before you start throwing rotten tomatoes at me. Just because I write a blog does not mean this is all of me, and that you have the perfect right to size me up by the momentary craziness that passes for posts here. I do not, for example, call you a coward for hiding behind anonymity and leading us to deadends that contain only empty Korean words, because I do not know you at all... and frankly I do not really care about you. Lastly, don't crucify me just because you or your friend did not get shortlisted. Maybe you can try harder next time. Maybe you can vent all that fury into passable fiction, and perhaps you don't have to go around some other people's blogs anymore and act like the Great Inquisitor, sniffing great evil just because i can type hehehe and italicize it as well.

And oh, I should tell you that Haloscan's great. It bans.

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