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Monday, August 21, 2006

entry arrow9:32 PM | What the Writers Blog About

To get away from the busy madness, I only need to turn on the computer and bloghop. Here's what a few writers (many of them friends) are thinking and writing about...

John Bengan finds a lonely world in tennis.

Wilfredo Pascual has an interesting historical anecdote about a Manila cannibal in the Spanish colonial period, and the extent of where the soul resides in the human body.

Vince Groyon looks like Brad Pitt.

Nikki Alfar has a story in Our Own Voices.

Veronica Montes gets an insight about children making neighborhood music.

Ned Parfan complains about his older brother, and dreams of kicked heads.

Tara FT. Sering knows Kiko D.

Zarah Gagatiga ponders on her name.

Dean Alfar explains why he couldn't write anything last Monday.

Janet Villa ruminates over basketball rabid bitches.

Vin Simbulan has a vignette about blood-soaked carpets.

Jean Claire Dy ponders on art and the controversies of biotechnology.

Isolde Amante remembers Ninoy.

Darwin Chiong cleans and dines.

Jessica Zafra looks at her books on her bedside table.

Maryanne Moll would rather write on paper.

Ginny Mata dreams of inmates in the rain.

Joel Toledo youtubes the band.

Myke Obenieta is ecstatic over the return of Bona.

Ino Habana thinks Isagani Cruz is an old fart.

Larry Ypil thinks oysters on Sundays.

Wendell Capili is proud of dancer Patrick Alcedo.

Gabriela Lee wonders how to manage food in Singapore.

Frank Cimatu googles the G-spot and wonders what the L in Samuel L. Jackson stands for.

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