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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

entry arrow5:38 PM | The End of the Story

It was not a completely successful revision. In the end, I lacked the time to do something more drastic that would give me an ounce of editing satisfaction, but the slightly trimmed version of "A Strange Map of Time" has been sent to the publisher for inclusion in the Fully Booked anthology of the winning stories in the Neil Gaiman Awards. I took some elements I considered not important to the plot, and for an agonizing hour or so, also seriously considered putting in a more concrete or "scientific" basis for the time travel part of the story.

I thought about it, but the whole time travel paradox kept me from doing so. I remembered a decision I made a long time ago when I was writing the story that I had to render the time travel element in terms of the fantastic and not the scientific because that was the only "plausible" way of exploiting it. Inserting clean scientific explanations would seriously mar that fantastic element. I think I was channeling Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Dean Francis Alfar more than I was channeling Poul Anderson. Like magic, the sense of wonder is better gained when one does not know the exact mechanism of the illusion.

And that ends this chapter of my life. We move on.

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