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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

entry arrow4:24 PM | Summer's About to Begin

Tuesday afternoon, and I am in the process of cleaning my apartment. This is because I have so much work to do and finish before my summer vacation must begin. Those who know me very well know that I cannot even begin anything unless everything in my house is spotless and in their proper places. I'm your regular non-dangerous obsessive compulsive. But I'm taking a few minutes off to blog.

My summer's beginning to shape up. There's the MA to finish by hook or by crook. There's the unfinished story and play to finish before submission to a particular contest. There's my trip to Siquijor for Holy Week on assignment from Men's Health. And I was excited to go to Iloilo for the start of April for the Tamaraw Workshop, but that seems to be out of the question now, given that Far Eastern University has cancelled the entire thing. (Poor Winton.) But, aside from my summer classes on Philippine literature beginning April, there's also the prospect of becoming busy organizing the return of the National Writers Workshop to Silliman University. And then, in the middle of May, when the workshop's already in full-swing, I'd be leaving for my first trip out of the country in a decade. God, I so need this trip. I can't disclose the details yet because I don't want this jinxed, but I'd be gone for more than a week. So goodbye Dumaguete for May. I'm traveling the world before returning home to face the prospects of doing the same old grind again in June.


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