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Monday, July 23, 2007

entry arrow6:27 PM | MacLove, MacWorry

I had no idea I was totally in love with Jean Harlow, until last Sunday, when I had a meeting with my brother concerning my mom's 75th birthday party (and my own ... ummm, 28th -- I share the same birthday as my mother, see), and I had casually opened my Macbook, proceeded to Word ... and found myself unable to write a single word with the keyboard.

I panicked, although nobody noticed it. Not Mark, not Dennis, nor my sisters-in-law. What did I do? What went wrong? Ten thousand questions went through my head. Jean Harlow's been with me for only two months, and now this? I have a year's warranty, of course, but still, I worried. I thought: I did kinda "bump" Jean Harlow at Cafe Antonio last Saturday afternoon. Maybe that was it? Oh dear God. I hastily texted Angeline Dy, my friend and fellow Mac enthusiast (and the one who sold me Jean Harlow from AACTech, her ultra-excellent and ultra-slick computer shop -- the best there is in Dumaguete), and I told her I was bringing in Jean Harlow for some serious diagnosis.

I could not sleep last night. I was tossing and turning all night long, and I had nightmares, seriously, of Macbooks in their death beds, gasping for breath. Today, when I met with Annabelle in Don Atilano for coffee and conversation, she took out her own Macbook, and I felt my heart sink. I missed Jean Harlow. It had been hours since I last opened her. After coffee with Belle, I went home, and got Jean Harlow for my appointment with Angeline. There, I opened the Macbook, turned it on, expected the worst ... and I found myself able to type again. What the...?

But I'm way better now. I can finally breathe. And I know for sure that I can't live without Jean Harlow. She's been a great help in my work -- I've written two short stories in a single week, all because she was there, always readily available, always urging me to produce. I don't ever want this scare ever again.

I know, I know... This is such a burgis thing to worry about. But if you owned a Macbook, wouldn't you worry?

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