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Sunday, July 22, 2007

entry arrow10:50 AM | Favorite Songs No. 14 : He Was Beautiful and Cavatina From The Deer Hunter

I feel the urge to share this song, even if I've already made my choice for this weekend's favorite song...

Stanley Myers's "Cavatina," the theme from Michael Cimino's beautiful and brutal The Deer Hunter, has always struck me as a poignant study of longing in recollection, and I have always found it lovely, given the masterful treatment it received from master guitarist John Williams. Here's that composition in all its glory...

But I had no idea it was made into a great and haunting song with lyrics by Cleo Laine. An online friend, Gilbert Tan, sent me the mp3 of the wonderful Lesley Garrett singing the song (thanks, Gilbert!), and it is without doubt something that reaches deep into each of us who has known great love...

He was beautiful,
Beautiful to my eyes.
From the moment I saw him,
The sun filled the sky.

He was so so beautiful,
Beautiful just to hold.
In my dreams he was spring time
Winter was cold.

How could I tell him
What I so clearly could see
Though I longed for him
I never trusted me completely
So I never could be free.

Oh, but it was beautiful
Knowing now that he cared
I will always remember
Moments that we shared

Now it's all over
Still the feelings linger on
For my dream keeps returning
Now that he's gone.

For it was beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful to be loved.

You're right, Gilbert. It does remind me of my bubu, without, of course, the note of separation we glean from the song. And for Mark, the adjective, fortunately, is still very much in the present tense. He is beautiful.

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