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Sunday, July 15, 2007

entry arrow9:13 PM | Sleepy Head on a Hot Sunday

The heat that wraps us in Dumaguete now seems more dangerous to me than it had been last summer, because it is insidious. Or perhaps I think that way because I have largely forgotten what it had been like to live through that old heat wave of utter unbearability, when the summer sun was a murderous bright thing that ignited every molecule in the air, its vapors seeping into our sweating pores and into our troubled breathing. Everything now seems the picture of moderation -- but everyday, we get news of friends getting sick, having the flu, contracting colds, etc. It's the change-of-weather syndrome, I tell friends. We've been having rains since June, sporadic though they may be, but we got used to the cooler winds. Now, the heat is intense, but subtly so. Now, the heat seems to come from within. I feel the common cold creeping up to me these days, so today I take 1,000 ml of Vitamin C, and a double dose of Neozep to keep it at bay. Which explains my general state of narcolepsy today. It was a strange state of being: I felt that my brain was hyperactive, but it easily surrendered to the vigorous want for sleep, my eyelids dropping by the second with such weight. Mark took me to CocoAmigos for afternoon cappuccino today, and while we sat for a spell in the waning afternoon sun, I had to beg for a few minutes' respite: for God knows how long, I dozed off for a while. When I woke up, I felt so much better. More awake. Later, we come home to a pad that's the very idea of trapped heat. We have plans for acquiring an air-conditioning unit now, and for once I find myself embracing the idea.


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